Poppy Eaglesham

Poppy Eaglesham

Live Lounge

“As someone growing up in North Yorkshire I felt I needed to leave the region to access the Arts. Events like Photo North are so important for young people in the area. Seeing their work on the walls, being able to come and have portfolio reviews, access the arts, get to talks, screenings, meet other creatives is vital not only in the aspect of careers but also to stimulate socially and empowering them. Photo North was a very welcoming event. It was a hub of creatives, book makers, curators and more. It was fun and educational.” - Joanne Coates, Photographer and Founder of Lens Think

Applications invited

Our live lounge has a ‘buzzy’ market street feel to it with live music, book signings, food and drink stalls.

We are looking for organisations and indies from the fields of art, photography, graphic design, artist books, illustration, textiles, printmaking, vintage materials, music, food and beverage.

Applications will be selected based upon their suitability to other stalls in the Live Lounge, we want you to have and enjoyable and successful experience. We will not accept too many traders of the same genre. Limited amount of tables are available.

The cost for a full table is £100 per day, or £250 if you wish to exhibit across 3 days .  You may share with another trader. You may bring your own display and hanging equipment.


“I thoroughly enjoyed this inspiring festival with the many though-provoking exhibits. It made me want to find ways to capture the people, places and slices of life moments that I have encountered in my own life. Thank you also for Peter's wonderful book! As a fellow creative, I enjoy seeing what inspires other artists and the work they produce. With an impressive array of artists and seminars, I hope to return for future festivals! Best wishes.”  - Rebecca (visitor)