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How to be heard?

Now that everyone has a camera and is constantly posting photographs on social media we are being bombarded with so much photography that it can be all but impossible for emerging photographers and those from marginalised communities to have their work noticed by a wider public. This new project will seek to provide opportunities for creative people who are struggling to be noticed to have their work seen and their voices amplified.

Gallery of the People will challenge the myth that only those photographers who have been published are producing work which is worthy of note.

Project objectives

·       Provide a platform via social media for creative people to share their photography on a truly level playing field.

·       Encourage established photographers to share their platforms and promote the work of emerging artists.

·       Stimulate debate and raise awareness of the quality of unrecognised talent out there in the photographic community.

·       Actively promote the work of photographers from marginalised communities.

·       Establish a selection panel to choose which images shared by users will be included in a physical display at Photo North Festival.


Between now and October 2019 photographers will be encouraged to share their work on Twitter using the #GalleryOfThePeople #PhotoNorthFestival hashtag during a series of themed photo sharing events. The selection panel will then select up to 20 photographers to have their work printed and displayed at Photo North Festival grouped by theme. During the festival itself three themed photo sharing events will be run with the photographs posted to the hashtag being live streamed onto a screen in the display, and visitors encouraged to post photographs taken by them at the Festival in real time.

A specific sharing event will be run for the photos taken by homeless people as part of projects by organisations such as Accumulate which empower homeless people through creativity with the goal of amplifying their voices and getting their work seen by a wider audience.

This is not a photo competition in the traditional sense and there are no winners or losers. It is instead a celebration of creativity and an encouragement to people to share their work on a level playing field regardless of their background, education or experience.

To have your photos considered for inclusion in this year’s Gallery of the People follow @sirwilliamd on Twitter and share your photos in response to the themed photo sharing events which he will be running each month. Make sure you use the hashtag #GalleryOfThePeople #PhotoNorthFestival as only photos with the hashtag will be reviewed by the panel.

Key partners and roles (tbc)

Marc Davenant


Twitter: @sirwilliamd

Website: https://davenantphotos.wordpress.com