denis thorpe

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A View From the North is an extraordinary collection of photographs documenting life in the north of England from 1948 to the present day taken by distinguished photographer Denis Thorpe. 

Denis Thorpe joined his local newspaper with the ambition of becoming a reporter. Circumstances dictated that he was assigned to the photography department and he immediately became enamoured with that medium's creative possibilities. For Denis, photography became his passport to another world. After National Service with the Royal Air Force, he decided to pursue photojournalism, inspired by Picture Post and the early Magnum photographers, and Thorpe embarked on a journey of freelancing through London and then the provinces working for morning and evening papers, eventually arriving at the Daily Mail in Manchester. Denis became a Guardian staff photographer in the 1970s covering assignments across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, China, India, the Soviet Union, the United States and Japan during a twenty-three year career with the paper. Denis has many press awards for his picture essays and news photography including the 1979 World Press Photo Foundation Gold Medal and Ilford Photographer of the Year in 1988. He has produced several books and exhibitions of his work and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography and has an Honorary Master of Arts degree from the University of Manchester. This book shows his beginnings, personal projects and work from around the British Isles and clearly demonstrates why Denis Thorpe is considered by his peers as one of the greats of twentieth century photojournalism.