Image John Bolleton

Image John Bolleton

Photo North Limited is a not for profit organisation and has ambitious plans to help the unfortunate, marginalised and the homeless via several on-going photography projects throughout the year. The social issues documented will be exhibited at each annual Photo North Festival.

We aim to bring more socially engaged ventures, photo groups and practicing artists to the festival from all over the world.

We aim to change societies perceptions of the homeless and marginalised through the medium of photography and art, giving a platform for the artists, bringing back confidence and social inclusion. 

Our current Homeless Photography Project brings together a body of work created by creatives who are or have been homeless.

We want to give people a safe space, and a venue that is easily accessible to the public, so that as many people as possible can see their work.

Many of the people and organisations that we work with understands the transformative effect art and other creative endeavours can have for the homeless.

We are continually galvanising support. Donations in the form of technical equipment or books that can be used for these projects will be gratefully received.

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